How to configure GitLab Runner for GitLab CE integration tests

We will register the runner using a confined Docker executor.

The registration token can be found at You can export it as a variable and run the commands below as-is. Start by creating a template configuration file in order to pass complex configuration:

$ cat > /tmp/test-config.template.toml << EOF
name = "mysql:latest"
name = "redis:latest"

Finally, register the runner, passing the newly created template configuration file:

gitlab-runner register \
  --non-interactive \
  --url "" \
  --registration-token "$REGISTRATION_TOKEN" \
  --template-config /tmp/test-config.template.toml \
  --description "gitlab-ce-ruby-2.7" \
  --executor "docker" \
  --docker-image ruby:2.7

You now have a GitLab CE integration testing instance with bundle caching. Push some commits to test it.

For advanced configuration, look into /etc/gitlab-runner/config.toml and tune it.