13. Stable branch policy

Date: 2021-09-16




Release of a GitLab version normally include a stable branch corresponding to it being created from a known good commit from master/main branch, and a Git tag being created from this stable branch. When new patch releases need to be done, the commits are cherry-picked into these stable branches and tagged.

We will implement similar for Operator releases, following the implementation of release branches with GitLab flow used in our other projects.


  1. For releasing a version X.Y.0 of GitLab Operator, a stable branch with the naming format X-Y-stable will be created from the master branch.
  2. For patch releases X.Y.Z (where Z != 0), the new commits will be cherry-picked into existing X-Y-stable stable branch.
  3. Git tag needed for the release will be created from this stable branch.


Possibility of commits not getting cleanly applied to the stable branch because of other changes made to the master branch since stable branch was cut. But, this is the case with every other project and isn’t anything we aren’t already familiar with