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Organization is in development.

Organization will be above the top-level namespaces for you to manage everything you do as a GitLab administrator, including:

  • Defining and applying settings to all of your groups, subgroups, and projects.
  • Aggregating data from all your groups, subgroups, and projects.

Our goal is to reach feature parity between SaaS and self-managed installations, with all Admin Area settings moving to either:

  • Groups. Available in the Organization, and subgroups.
  • Hardware Controls. For functionality that does not apply to groups, Hardware Controls are only applicable to self-managed installations. There is one Hardware Controls section per installation.

For more information about the state of organization development, see epic 9265.

For a video introduction to the new hierarchy concept for groups and projects for epics, see Consolidating groups and projects update (August 2021).