Import Phabricator tasks into a GitLab project (deprecated)

Introduced in GitLab 12.0.

The Phabricator task importer was deprecated in GitLab 15.7 and will be removed in GitLab 16.0.
The Phabricator task importer is in beta and is not complete. It imports only an issue’s title and description. The GitLab project created during the import process contains only issues, and the associated repository is disabled.

GitLab allows you to import all tasks from a Phabricator instance into GitLab issues. The import creates a single project with the repository disabled.

Only the following basic fields are imported:

  • Title
  • Description
  • State (open or closed)
  • Created at
  • Closed at


The assignee and author of a user are deducted from a Task’s owner and author: If a user with the same username has access to the namespace of the project being imported into, then the user is linked.

Enable this feature

Enable Phabricator as an import source in the Admin Area.