Git Log

Git log lists commit history. It allows searching and filtering.

  • Initiate log:

    git log
  • Retrieve set number of records:

    git log -n 2
  • Search commits by author. Allows user name or a regular expression.

    git log --author="user_name"
  • Search by comment message:

    git log --grep="<pattern>"
  • Search by date:

    git log --since=1.month.ago --until=3.weeks.ago

Git Log Workflow

  1. Change to workspace directory
  2. Clone the multi runner projects
  3. Change to project dir
  4. Search by author
  5. Search by date
  6. Combine


cd ~/workspace
git clone
cd gitlab-runner
git log --author="Travis"
git log --since=1.month.ago --until=3.weeks.ago
git log --since=1.month.ago --author="Travis"