GitLab CLI - glab

GLab is an open source GitLab CLI tool. It brings GitLab to your terminal: next to where you are already working with Git and your code, without switching between windows and browser tabs.

  • Work with issues.
  • Work with merge requests.
  • Watch running pipelines directly from your CLI.

command example

The GitLab CLI uses commands structured like glab <command> <subcommand> [flags] to perform many of the actions you usually do from the GitLab user interface:

# Sign in
glab auth login --stdin < token.txt

# View a list of issues
glab issue list

# Create merge request for issue 123
glab mr for 123

# Check out the branch for merge request 243
glab mr checkout 243

# Watch the pipeline in progress
glab pipeline ci view

# View, approve, and merge the merge request
glab mr view
glab mr approve
glab mr merge

Core commands

  • glab alias
  • glab api
  • glab auth
  • glab ci
  • glab issue
  • glab label
  • glab mr
  • glab project
  • glab release
  • glab snippet
  • glab ssh-key
  • glab user
  • glab variable

Install the CLI

Installation instructions are available in the GLab README.

Authenticate with GitLab

To authenticate with your GitLab account, run glab auth login. glab respects tokens set using GITLAB_TOKEN.

Report issues

Open an issue in the gitlab-org/cli repository to send us feedback.


glab completion commands fail when using the 1Password shell plugin

The 1Password shell plugin adds the alias glab='op plugin run -- glab', which can interfere with the glab completion command. If your glab completion commands fail, configure your shell to prevent expanding aliases before performing completions:

  • For Zsh, edit your ~/.zshrc file and add this line:

    setopt completealiases
  • For Bash, edit your ~/.bashrc file and add this line:

    complete -F _functionname glab

For more information, see issue 122 for the 1Password shell plugin.