Search tips

Syntax Description Example
" Exact search "gem sidekiq"
| Or display | banner
+ And display +banner
- Exclude display -banner
* Partial bug error 50*
\ Escape \*md
# Issue ID #23456
! Merge request ID !23456
Syntax Description Example
filename: Filename filename:*spec.rb
path: Repository location path:spec/workers/
extension: File extension without . extension:js
blob: Git object ID blob:998707*

extension: and blob: return exact matches only.


Query Description
rails -filename:gemfile.lock Returns rails in all files except the gemfile.lock file.
RSpec.describe Resolvers -*builder Returns RSpec.describe Resolvers that does not start with builder.
bug | (display +banner) Returns bug or both display and banner.
helper -extension:yml -extension:js Returns helper in all files except files with a .yml or .js extension.