Mobile DevOps

GitLab Mobile DevOps is a collection of features and tools designed for mobile developers and teams to automate their build and release process using GitLab CI/CD. Mobile DevOps is an experimental feature developed by GitLab Incubation Engineering.

Mobile DevOps is still in development, but you can:

Code Signing

Project-level Secure Files makes it easier to manage key stores, provision profiles, and signing certificates directly in a GitLab project.

For a guided walkthrough of this feature, watch the video demo.

Review Apps for Mobile

You can use Review Apps to preview changes directly from a merge request. Review Apps for Mobile brings that capability to mobile developers through an integration with Appetize.

Watch a video walkthrough of this feature, or visit the setup instructions to get started.

Mobile SAST

You can use Static Application Security Testing (SAST) to run static analyzers on code to check for known security vulnerabilities. Mobile SAST expands this functionality for mobile teams with an experimental SAST feature based on Mobile Security Framework (MobSF).