Uninstall the GitLab Helm chart

To uninstall the GitLab Helm chart, run the following command:

helm uninstall gitlab

For the purposes of continuity, these charts have some Kubernetes objects that are not removed when performing helm uninstall. These are items we require you to consciously remove them, as they affect re-deployment should you choose to.

  • PVCs for stateful data, which you must consciously remove
    • Gitaly: This is your repository data.
    • PostgreSQL (if internal): This is your metadata.
    • Redis (if internal): This is cache & job queues, which can be safely removed.
  • Secrets, if generated by our shared-secrets Job. These charts are designed to never generate Kubernetes Secrets via Helm directly. As such, Helm can’t remove them. They contain passwords, encryption secrets, and so on. They should not be callously destroyed.
  • ConfigMaps
    • ingress-controller-leader-RELEASE-nginx: This is generated by the NGINX Ingress controller itself, and is outside the control of our chart. It can be safely removed.

The PVCs and Secrets have the release label set, so you can find these with:

kubectl get pvc,secret -lrelease=gitlab